Method Organics

Method Organics CBD:CBG Oil 250mg:250mg

Full-spectrum hemp oil, sourced from our organically grown Vermont hemp extract infused in organic MCT Oil.

1 ML dropper delivers approximately 16mg of CBD and 16mg of CBG (1 drop equals 0.8mg of CBD & 0.8mg of CBG). Packaged in a ½-ounce or 1-ounce bottle with a metered dropper for dosing.

Organic Coconut MCT Oil / Full-Spectrum Hemp Distillate 

Directions for Use
This product is intended to be taken sublingually – shake well, place the desired dose under the tongue, hold for 20-60 seconds, and swallow. Take daily to achieve the best results. Consult a doctor prior to use if you have an existing medical condition. Store in a cool area away from direct sunlight.

  • $25.00