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Maple Melt Away CBD Candies- 20mg

Two Vermont traditions, pure VT maple syrup, and VT grown cannabis, in one delicious candy!

Our Maple Melt-Away CBD edibles are made with crystalized Vermont Maple syrup and CO2 extracted CBD for a delightful and effective dose of CBD. Each Maple Candy is shaped like a maple leaf and contains 20mg of full-spectrum CBD in crystallized maple syrup. The unique sugar composition of Maple syrup makes it easy for your body to digest, and won't spike your insulin, making these a great snack to bring on all your adventures, from skiing to hiking to mountain biking. Maple syrup's naturally occurring antioxidants and trace minerals aid in immune function. These immune-boosting effects paired with the beneficial properties of CBD can help your body recover from exercise, assist in pain relief and stress reduction. 

Ideal For: Daily stress relief, and relaxation

  • Fast Metabolizing 
  • Vermont Grown CBD
  • Natural Vermont Maple Syrup
  • Full-Spectrum 
    • Contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, without the effects of THC.
  • Low Glycemic, won't spike insulin

Ingredients: Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and Cannabis Extract. 

  • $4.00

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