Upstate 30mg Organic Full Spectrum CBG+CBD+CBDA (30 Ct)

Upstate 30mg Organic Full Spectrum CBG+CBD+CBDA (30 Ct)

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By carefully combining extracts from multiple hemp varieties and extraction methods, we have created a supplement containing a more diverse ensemble of non-psychotropic cannabinoids than you would find occurring in any single hemp variety. Those who seek a potent, powerful way to help shake off whatever’s weighing them down can find it in these capsules.

Three powerful hemp plant extracts work in harmony to balance the endocannabinoid system.

CBD— The hemp extract you know and love.

CBDA—The lesser known, more “raw” hemp extract found in the plant’s fresh flower.
Products with CBDA has been shown to be more bioavailable than CBD, meaning its’ absorbed by the body faster.

CBG— Dubbed “The Mother of all Cannabinoids” Cannabigerol or CBG plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of all the other cannabinoids within the hemp plant.

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