How to drift off after take off with the aid of CBD products

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By Ed Condran

During a recent flight from Puerto Rico to New York, Noah Fishman was on edge.

“Due to COVID, the masking requirement and the extra safety protocols, I was more stressed traveling than ever,” Fishman said.

However, the owner of Zenbarn Farms has a secret weapon when dealing with the rigors of air travel. Fishman manufactures a brand of CBD Wellness products, such as Daily Zen Sleep, which is a CBD and CBN oil.

The high-milligram sleep tincture, which retails for $70, relaxes and helps travelers fall asleep with its blend of terpenes targeted to sooth the mind and body naturally. Slip the oil under your tongue, and within 15 to 20 minutes, the CBD kicks in, and you’re off on a different flight experience. You won’t have an episode similar to the protagonist William Shatner played on the classic “Twilight Zone” when he witnessed a monster on a plane’s wing while airborne.

“Daily Zen Sleep just helps you drift off,” Fishman said. “I saw a lot of people on the flight who were also stressed out. I wish I could have given every person on that flight a bottle of the CBD oil.”

Travelers won’t have an issue with TSA since CBD oil is legal, and it’s packaged in a 1-ounce bottle, which is also fine with TSA.

If you would rather work on your flight, Zenbarn Farms has a tincture.

“Our focus tincture can help you zero in on what you need to do,” Fishman said. “It has a cannabinoid that has a more energizing effect. It increases blood flow to your brain. It’s good for your joints and bones and focusing on a flight.”

Hii Stick manufactures an array of carts, diffusers, gummies and tinctures that will help travelers relax. The mellow tincture, a potent indica strain by crossing blueberry with GDP, has a calming effect and a fruity aroma. The product, is $28 and for those who want to try Delta 8 but aren’t interested in smoking.

According to the National Cancer Institute, Delta-8, which is short for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a relative of THC, but it lacks the psychoactive potency. It lowers anxiety.

“It’s of cannabis and hemp extract,” said Hiistick co-founder and marketing director Ian Bush . “It’s not addictive. When you’re flying, you can use it like Dramamine. Our product solves a lot of problems without the downside. It’s easy to travel with.”

Hiistick sales director Jon Bonds recently had his bag, which included 30 carts and 10 tinctures, searched by TSA.

“When they pulled my bag, it was all about my MacBook charger,” Bonds said. “There was no concern about our products. You can fly with them, no problem.”

Passengers can’t vape, but they can use tinctures on the flight.

“Just use common sense,” Bush said. “You do that, and you’ll be fine on a flight. There are some people out there who have crippling anxiety due to COVID. Our products are there so people can handle all of the stress. There has never been a time that’s more stressful to travel, and some people really need something to get through their flight.”

One option is the CBD Travel Bundle ( $40). Green Roads offers a collection of products that are designed to relax while you’re on the move. The items, CBD Relax Bears, Sleepy Zs CBD Gummies, Rise N’Shines Immune Support Gummies, CBD Daily Dose Variety Pack, Travel Size Muscle & Joint Relief CBD Cream and Travel Size Skin Relief CBD Cream, give travelers a boost.

For those who prefer vaping, there’s the Little Dipper, which is $30 and a portable item with a pocket-size design from Dip Devices. It’s compact, easy to clean and has three power settings for more precise consumption and comes with a micro-USB rechargeable, 650mAh battery.

So there are a few options for those who need to dial it down a bit during travel.

“Why these products haven’t been legal for many years is crazy to me,” Bush said. “But why are all of the meds in your cabinet legal for years? Regardless, what you can get from us and consume is like magic.”

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Zenbarn Farms Cannabis Equity Fund on WCAX

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WATERBURY, Vt. (WCAX) -A new initiative is helping members of the BIPOC community become active members of the cannabis industry.

Zenbarn Farms is partnering with the community to educate people disproportionately impacted by the drug crisis. The initiative, The Cannabis Equity Fund, is all about education.

“When you live it, you don’t always keep the statistics in your head, you just see it happening,” said Marlena Tucker-Fishman. Tucker-Fishman is a co-owner of Zenbarn Farm Cannabis.

She, along with other community partners, are working to get the initiative off the ground. “It’s pretty much to reverse the wrongdoings directed at the BIPOC community and that are still happening,” Tucker-Fishman said. “Four to one black people, BIPOC people, are in jail compared to white and they use it pretty much the same.”

The Cannabis Equity Fund will train BIPOC and those disproportionately impacted by the drug crisis how to cultivate and effectively run a cannabis business. Zenbarn has partnered with Vermont Cannabis Solutions to help with some of the logistics of the initiative. Timothy Fair is a partner there.

“It’s a dynamic concept that needs to be applied to whatever region you’re in. It’s not the same in Barton, Vermont as it is in Chicago,” Fair explained. “This is one of the things as attorney’s we’ve been focusing on, ways to give back to the community, and that’s where the term disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs is coming from.”

Data from a 2018 ACLU report shows black people in Vermont are about 6-times more likely to be arrested for possession of cannabis than white people. 

That places Vermont 6th in the country for racial disparities surrounding cannabis arrests. According to the same report, counties with the largest disparities are Washington, Windsor, and Franklin.

In addition to job training and education, Tucker-Fishman says the initiative could help keep people in the state. “Young people and BIPOC people are starting to leave either because of racial tension or because they don’t feel like opportunities are,” she said. “The cannabis business has a wide variety of opportunity for people to be inventive and creative and create diversity in the state.”

She told us a handful of people have already participated in the initiative since it kicked off on Juneteenth, but that she hopes to see it grow. “I think it’s important to empower those people because it affects generations in the communities,” Tucker-Fishman said. “It’s about helping families to heal the trauma from when they’re separated because of the war on drugs.”

The initiative is being funded by a combination of donations and grants.

 To get involved with the initiative or give, you can visit Zenbarn Farm’s website.

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The CBD Guide Podcast

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Sustainable hemp farming not only results in pure and rich CBD for consumers, but also aids in the preservation of our planet. Noah Fishman joins The CBD Guide Podcast to talk about his family’s cannabis store and restaurant, Zenbarn Farms.

Tune in to hear a discussion on the process of sustainable cultivation and testing of products, as well as how Zenbarn Farms is partnering with organizations to advance key causes and address societal injustices.

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Zenbarn Farms Media Kit

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Our press kit contains all the relevant images and documents needed to get to know our CBD brand.
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CBD Health and Wellness Magazine Gift Guide 2020

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