Hey there friends, we’re Noah and Marlena Fishman, owners of Zenbarn Farms in Waterbury,  Vermont. Our passion for building community and giving back to the land we love, informed the steps we’ve taken over the years, which have brought us here today. In 2008, we moved from D.C. to the land that Noah grew up on. It was a big move, especially for Marlena, who was not only making the transition out of the urban areas she’d known her whole life, but also the transition of moving to a largely white state as a black woman. Despite the challenges and growing pains, we had the farmland, the woods and rivers as our inspiration and guide. Noah’s career in international development and sustainable agriculture took him all over the world from Belize to Israel, and finally back home to Vermont. Those experiences ignited in him a desire to bring a sustainable, community based business to Waterbury, and thus our community-based vegetable farm was born. It became a place for neighbors to gather and enjoy working side by side while enjoying the fruits of their labor.


As visitors came and went at the farm, we let the land inform our choices at every step. As soon as Ari Fishman, Noah's brother, moved back into town, more land started calling our names. We joined forces to revitalize the dairy barn turned restaurant next to our farm.  From this point on Zenbarn restaurant was born.  The restaurant, yoga studio and event space was a community effort to build and design.  Noah and Ari’s mom, Susan, and Dad, Stephen, designed the space and utilized arts and crafts from their 30-year strong interior design and craft gallery business in neighboring Stowe (Remarkable Things).

When in 2017 hemp was legalized we made the transition from veggies to farming hemp, and went on to pioneer the first CBD infused food and drink program in Vermont at Zenbarn, which quickly gained popularity. Beyond our menu, we also became a destination for 420 parties, and special Hemp and Hops dinners.


In 2020, with artist and designer Shawn Rice as part of the team, we launched our brand new CBD wellness products under the name Zenbarn Farms and opened a retail store where you can buy the best of Vermont hemp products under one roof. Our motto is feel good, do good, because when you feel good after using one of our CBD products, we do good by donating 1% of profits to social and environmental causes. By building our businesses and farm to fit the land, not the other way around, we’ve been able to create products and experiences that capture the community and magic of Vermont’s incredible natural beauty and resources. We hope you'll give us a try or come visit us and let us know what you think of our new CBD products!