Indoor vs Outdoor Hemp: Which Should You Choose?

Indoor vs Outdoor Hemp: Which Should You Choose?

You sidle up to the Flower Bar, looking to try some CBD. Maybe you want to replace or reduce your THC consumption. Some use CBD flower to replace some or all of their tobacco use. Perhaps you’re just curious - what is this CBD thing all about, anyway?

So many choices! Unusual names, exotic smells, indoor or outdoor… It can be truly intimidating and confusing trying to sort all this out. So let’s look at it from 30,000 feet and ask the question; which is better, indoor or outdoor cannabis?

A quick search on the interwebs will answer categorically that indoor cannabis is superior to outdoor. The ability to control water, heat, light and air flow allows growers to manipulate the plants to produce cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, etc.) and terpenes to their maximum potential. The result is a stronger effect and better flavor from dense, colorful buds almost dripping with goodness.

The technology, combined with the talents of some brilliant growers, has produced quality cannabis that far exceeds anything available even a few years ago. Slam dunk, no doubt: get that indoor bud.

But is that really best? The product is, but at what cost? The energy and materials needed to grow indoors takes a toll on the environment, something that is increasingly critical to consider. Small farms are at risk in this age of industrial agriculture and paying farmers to grow cannabis will help to preserve the rural way of life. There is value to the holistic approach of raising plants in the sun. 

Good quality cannabis may be grown outdoors, and depending on how your body responds to it, that may work great for you. Why pay more, both in personal cash and at an increased cost to the environment, if an outdoor plant satisfies your need? If you use tinctures, salves, or oils, chances are you’re using outdoor grown cannabis.

The verdict? Indoor growing produces plants with higher concentrations of cannabinoids and many desirable traits to enhance your smoking pleasure. Just open the container and your nose will be filled with happy smells. Light it up and it packs a punch - it’s better.

But better than what? Outdoor grown cannabis is good and getting better. If you’re looking for something that smokes well, saves some of your hard-earned coin, and still delivers - check that outdoor bud. It may be just what you need.

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